Just too cute! :-)

Today I found a new short from Disney Studios called "Paperman"... check it out... it´s just cutenessoverload :-)

Have a fantastic day!


Eye-Candy: Red Bull Media House

Check this video for some of the most beautiful slow-motions, time-lapses and aerial scenes you´ve ever seen:

Quite impressive, huh?

Year in Focus: Online book shows our best work (360, gigapixel, too)

Outstanding images from 2012 compiled in an online book by Getty Images, check it out!

Year in Focus: Online book shows our best work (360, gigapixel, too)

Lil-Mule: the ultimate dolly robot for Videography

This new gadget is a dream come true for all of us wanting to create that fantastic timelapse-videos made with DSLRs... without having to sell your car or one eyeball. Check out the presentation and specs at kickstarter!

Also, check the review made by Chase Jarvis here.


Do not always trust what you see...

We all have heard about the blue/green - screen effect or colour-keying technique. In a few words it´s a technique that allows filmmakers to combine two (or more) scenes using a mask to reveal or hide parts of the scene. The result is a mix of both sources, like if you would mask two pictures in Photoshop.
This method has been widely used in movies that we all have seen. Think of many scenes of the movie Titanic which were recorded in a studio. Check this site here for more details about the whole FX behind it.

Today I found a video showing us many examples of videos using this effect... stunning, isn´t it? Who knows how much we are watching on TV or Movies which has been done by this...

So... don´t always trust what your eyes see :-)


Talking about HDR Photography

"To HDR or not to HDR... that´s the question!"... HDR (High Dynamic Range) applied to photography has been a very controversial topic since it came out some years ago. Allthough HDR can make some pictures really pop out and enhance them, there are some cases where just a simple layer working on Photoshop can do a better job. Check out Photographer Elia Locardi talking and showing how he works on some pictures making them look like HDR, but actually only working with layers in Photoshop.



The last roll of Kodachrome: Steve McCurry (Video)

Allthough this video was produced back in 2010 I just got the hint to watch it some weeks ago. Join iconic photographer Steve McCurry while he shoots the very last roll of Kodachrome produced by Kodak.

The resulting 36 pictures can bee seen here.






Is there something more beautiful than a woman dancing? Nope! :-)

Hamburg - in Instagram mode Part 2

So, here´s Part 2 of some more pictures of Hamburg taken with Instagram/Mobile. Part 1 is here.


Bridge over the Alster, Hamburg


Port of Hamburg

Europa-Passage, Hamburg

Europa-Passage, Hamburg

Alsterarkaden, Hamburg

Alsterarkaden, Hamburg

Rathaus, Hamburg