Heading to Peru!

Well, in a few days I will be travelling to Peru!

My brother is getting married and it will be a great party directly at the beach, cool :-). It will be the first whole family-meeting since many, many years and I am very curious to meet everybody again. There will be people and family coming from many countries (Germany, USA, Chile, Austria and Peru, of course), so it will be very international which is always fun!

I hope to find the time to take many, many pictures there and present them in my gallery.

But I am very eager to taste the fantastic peruvian food again, too!

I will collect as many recipes as I can and will post them here... so, stay in touch if you wanna get to know & taste this wonderful country :-)

Photoshop Disasters! Or how far can photographers go?

Surfing around I found this blog displaying examples of mistakes/disasters/errors made while using photoshop to work out some pictures or posters. While some are very funny and actually incredible to believe something like that got published, some of the other made me come to say the following lines.
Let´s make it clear: it is not photoshop´s mistake, it´s the designer´s/photographer´s mistake! While I am a good friend of using PS for enhancing a picture when there are little things to correct (pimples, red spots on the skin, make-up failures, superficial thingies), I truly believe that it is a mayor mistake to transform a picture into something out of the reality. I even believe that it is a moral or ethical law not to change the depicted reality into something unrecognizable. Specially in portraits and generally in people-photography changing a person´s body into a fantasy or artificial (that means not real existing) figure is something I believe that to be a big NO-NO for a photographer. Why? because it is LYING with our language (photography)! If the final result you can see on the picture after working it out with PS does not represent the reality you are lying with this picture. I am not talking about minor changes or corrections or even colour-transformations or light enhancements (just think about black & white photography...), but about changing the physiognomy of a human person. I am not talking about using make-up, neither. Make-up is used to enfazise a person´s details, not to rearrange them. Here you can see a very good example of why our vision of beauty is so very distorted nowadays:

The final result has visually almost nothing to do with the original person! I am sure even friends of the model would have problems to recognize the resulting person on the billboard. This cannot be right... not for the model, who is then looking at something totally different as she is used to see in the mirror.... not for the photographer, who is looking at something he never really saw through the lense... and finally not for the public, who is exposed to see a sort of "perfection", which is not true, not real, not possible. Specially young persons are, due to the lack of experience, being misleaded to believe that this graphical presentation of a person is "real beauty". Which is not! Changing a persons face and body this far with digital techniques is not right... actually it is insulting the ability of perception of everybody looking at it. I would actually support a stamp on any of this manipulated to the extreme pictures which should state:


I hope the photographers of the world will come back to their real objective: capturing the reality and beauty of our real world. We don´t need to "invent" beautiful persons, every person is beautiful in its own way. Just train and open your eyes... there is beauty everywhere.

If you cannot see this beauty then you are missing something real important in life...


Natural Colours

Bei folgendem Foto haben mich schon mehrere Leute gefragt ob es irgendwie "verfälscht" worden ist, sprich, ob Photoshop im Spiel war... die Antwort lautet: nein, das Bild gibt genau die Himmelfarben wieder, die insbesondere im Sommer (also Januar bis März) an der Küste von Lima/Peru zu sehen sind. Wenn man solche Sonnenuntergänge mal erlebt hat... dann vergisst man die Schönheit der Natur nie wieder!

Wollen wir tanzen?

Wenn man bedenkt, dass viele von uns (inkl. meiner Wenigkeit) viele von diesen Tänzen selber schon mal durchgezogen haben... merkt man, wie leicht sich Moden durchsetzen... und wie schnell sie wieder verfliegen... machmal zum Glück :-)

Hiermit entschuldige ich mich auch offiziell bei all den Mädels, denen ich schon mal auf die Füße beim Tanzen getreten hab :-)... sorry :-)

Affordable triggers? RadioPopper is coming!

While working with strobes in the studio a photographer can control the light almost perfectly, there are some other occasions where you would like to have this control but not having to carry and setup the whole technical bang. Herefore you can use mobile strobes or... just your plain-vanilla Flash-units. Allthough you wont have the power of the strobes, you can achieve some very good results with´em, as you can see in the Strobist Blog. Now, in order to trigger your units you will need some connection between your camera and the flashes. A very cheap solution is to connect them via cable... and keep on falling over them or struggling with the "little black snakes". Another solution is to use the high-priced Pocket Wizards (over 200 EUR) wich are the standard for professional Photographers. On the other price-spectrum you have the cheap "Ebay triggers" made in asia by Gadget Infinity called "Cactus". Latter ones are priced around 30 EUR each. But... you have to live with the fact that they don´t always trigger right... or not at all.
Now there is a new product coming to the market: the RadioPopper! This triggers are ment to be priced just between the Pocket Wizards and the Cactus and promise to offer the high-professional advantages for a reasonable low price. Right now the guys of RadioPopper are fullfilling the last technical and administrative details (broadcasting radio signals can be a very complicated issue as far as law is involved!) and have announced this new gadgets to come out this summer!
As I am personally looking for a better solution for triggering my flash-units I will report on them as fast as I get to grabb them :-)

Good Bye American Star!

Some years ago (I think it was 1998 ??) I had the pleasure of travelling to the island of Fuerteventura with some friends and during our visit there we had the chance of seeing the ship-wreck of the American Star. This ship build 1940 (former name was "America") ran aground off Fuerteventura on January 1994. But watch for yourselves:

These days this old lady is ready to ultimately say good-bye. Sad, sad... at least I had the chance to see her before :-(

You can find her here: google maps

Größere Kartenansicht

Jeff Dunham: a great ventriluoquist!

You gotta check out some of the Jeff Dunham´s videos on YouTube... just too funny! This guy is a great ventriluoquist and a great comediant, too! Enjoy :-)

Cats can talk!

Just surfing around YouTube I found this funny video wich reveals that cats can actually talk :-)

First Post

Just to try this blogging thingy out :-)